Early bird get’s the totem pole.

4AM.  A little early to be waking up, but it had to be done to catch a sunrise on a hike up to Mission Peak.  The sky was still dark as I half asleep walked to the bathroom to wash my face. Funny thing about waking up extremely early (or just early in general) is that I really notice how comfortable my bed is.  This is most likely because whenever I sleep in, I oversleep way too much to the point that my body is sore from laying down for 10+ hours.  When I woke up this morning after sleeping early last night, I really appreciated the warmth of my comforters and the perfect level of softness of my pillow.

We arrived at Mission Peak at 4:50AM and saw a few cars were already parked.  Fellow early birds.  The hike was about 6 miles round trip, and overall took about 3 hours.  The last time I had hiked the trail was when I was really young, so I couldn’t remember anything about it really.  Beginning the hike before sunrise meant barely being able to see through the thick and dark dawn air.

For the most part, the route was a decent level of difficulty.  There were glorious short moments of flat trail in between stretches of calf-burning inclines.  The air was chill, and we constantly saw the city lights become lower under us, and eventually become hard to see under the layers of fog we soon rose above.

I love when the sky becomes a gradient of colors.  As the time neared 5:30AM, a shade of pink emerged between the horizon and brightening blue sky.


By 6AM, a time I would most definitely still have been tucked away under my sheets, we made it to the famous totem pole.



The morning ended with a simple breakfast at the Bean Scene Cafe where the lady working the cash register was so fond of my name, which I found really adorable of her.  The space was very homey with only a couple of other older patrons sipping on some coffee reading newspapers or working on their iPads.  I was really craving a warm latte (moreso for the latte art), but last minute decided on a fresh squeezed juice with pineapple, apple, and orange juices.

Courtesy of Jlau

It was a glorious morning adventure with my wonderful buddy.


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