The Gap Year

Two years ago I had come home from traveling across the globe by myself. Needless to say, it will forever be one of my most cherished memories of culture shock, familial love, swimming under crystal clear waterfalls and motorbiking through towering rubber trees in the sunset.

A year ago, I had just conquered (?) a gruesome summer of full-time studying and the notorious 7.5 hour-long MCAT. I had just moved into an apartment that would house some of my greatest memories of senior year. Time and time again, I cannot believe how this past year has flown by, how one second my roommates and I were scrounging the streets of Westwood for free furniture, excitedly putting up decorations, then the next, we are scrubbing our walls clean to get as much of our security deposit back and are standing arm in arm looking at the ocean from our balcony one last time before leaving the keys and locking the door behind us. The parties, the all nighters at our kitchen table, the random outings all made me so sad and thankful while moving out.

Now, after the last few months of nonstop working to earn money, then more working on secondaries scrutinizing myself to prove my competence to medical schools, I am done with apps, still pretty broke, but can breathe and write a blog post again. It has been exhausting adjusting to two jobs, then coming home mentally drained but having to pour worth out on paper. But, the more I was writing secondary essays and researching schools, the more confident I became that medicine is what I wanted to pursue, and there’s nothing else I can see myself doing to teach and care for others. On days I’m not scribing in Beverly Hills, I’m playing (working) at a rock climbing gym, which has honestly been more difficult getting used to even though its a minimum wage, customer service job. I’ve learned to be nice to people, but not too nice. And I’ve also met cool peeps.

Now we play the waiting game. While some of my friends have heard back for interviews, silence so far for me. Since secondaries are done, for the first time ever, I have nothing to worry about except going to work. Once work is over, it’s all me time (haven’t had this since…middle school). I’m excited to read the books that have been piling up, get through my list of movies, become stronger and climb more, go on outdoor adventures and practice yoga. I am even excited to read a genetics in medicine textbook I was too lazy to read while I was actually supposed to during class (forever nerd). I hope I can save up to pay the few thousands bucks I’m spending on apps – it shouldn’t be my parents’ responsibilities. Oh, and I am backpacking in New Zealand next year.


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