“When I was a little kid, I thought like a little kid, but now I’m five I know everything.”

– Jack, Room.

As much as I try to convince myself otherwise, I think I take a little more time, a little more repetition to catch onto things – at least compared to my friend circle of exceptional geniuses. Likewise with Room by Emma Donoghue, it took about 60 pages for me to realize what the hell was going on, why world was confined to the walls of a small house for Jack. What could have turned into a horror/thriller story of escape or another typical romance intertwined novel, this book was a breath of fresh air as I looked through the curious, hungry, scared, and confused lens of a 5-year-old whose world was exponentially expanded overnight. Many of his innocent thoughts could be of huge help to today’s overworked adults.

“I don’t know how persons with jobs do the jobs and all the living as well.”

Well said, Jack. I don’t know either. But this past weekend, after a week of nonstop work, I gave myself time to do some living. A late-started climbing excursion to the mountains of Malibu:

Being the first outdoor climbing trip ever with someone other than my dad and since my shoulder dislocation, I was stoked to be adventuring with my two favorite lady climbers for some much needed time outdoors. The day was glorious: a moderate hike through Malibu Creek, a traverse over the edge of a lake to get to our spot, getting dirty for optimal pictures, a sweet dinner at Library Alehouse, and even sweeter ice cream finish to the day. No words can describe the calm euphoria of laying down on a cool slab overlooking a lake under pockets of shade, away from e-mails, texts, and obligations of jobs. I love feeling strong as I send routes, I love tiptoeing across log bridges and scrambling up rocks, and I love being with my climbing fam.

Luckily, the living continued the next day when I was reunited with my nature-loving, map-making, bed burrito, NASA scientist best friend, Natalie. We met up later in the day with our other buddy, grabbed dinner, and drove up the PCH into an exquisite sunset overlooking the Pacific. The clouds were especially beautiful, crafted into long layers in between the pinkening sky. The Pacific Coast Highway can be infuriating with traffic, but the breathtaking ocean view lined with cute houses and food shacks definitely wins. Our destination was a quiet Zuma Beach to which we arrived close to sundown and enjoyed our meals on a sleeping bag, our music blending in with the roars of the tides.


We convened at my apartment later that night where we learned a dance to Beyonce’s “Love on Top,” chatted over some Peach Bellini, and practiced doing headstands.

Sunday morning, I returned to the coastline for the 3rd day in a row. This time for an early morning hike through the mist/clouds of Los Liones canyon with the OG friends of freshman year. Somewhere during the 6-7mile hike, we admired the vast blue sparkling Pacific that blended in with the sky before the clouds rolled in and we were gifted with the cool mist.

One day, we will master headstands.


The adventure ended with a brunch in the Palisades and sending Natalie home. Twas a beautiful weekend of living. I love the outdoors, I love good people. Feeling energized to resume as a “person with job” tomorrow.


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